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DJ Time with the Blipblox Full Function Synthesizer

Andrew as a Panda DJ

We received the Blipblox Fully Functioning Synthesizer for free from Playtime Engineering to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

I wish I knew more about creating music. Seeing people play instruments and making it look effortless makes me want to be able to also create amazing sound. Growing up we had the ubiquitous Casio keyboard but I did not know how to play piano so I couldn’t do much with it. So, I didn’t use it much. If I had grown up with the Blipblox I would have been excited to make music because it is so easy to do right out of the box. You, and your kids, can make all sorts of cool electronic music by pushing some buttons, moving some dials and switching levers. When I had first heard about the possibility of reviewing this I had to do it!

Andrew loves the Blipblox and has been using ever since we opened it up. I’ve caught him rocking out to music that he’s made and some of it is really catchy and fun. I am considering using it to make some original music to go with my future videos. You can hear and see us make music on the Blipblox in our video below and after that more information on the Blipblox plus a special coupon code you can use to buy one yourself.

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Rock of Ages for my Birthday

With Allison at Rock of Ages
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00097

Today was a great day! Allison and I drove down to Foxwoods Casino to meet up with my sisters and their husbands because we were seeing Rock of Ages! Allison and I saw the show in Boston and after it was over I immediately wanted to see it again and I thought that it would be a great show to take my sister’s to see because the music that was part of the show was the music of our childhood. My sister was a die-hard Poison fan and she even has her original jean jacket and pins for the band plus a tour shirt from 1989 and her ticket stub from her second show. So this was a perfect show for her. We bought tickets for my sisters and their husbands to go and see the show on the weekend before my 45th birthday. So we combined Christmas and birthday all into one. It made for a great time.

When we arrived we caught up with Tara and Erik. We got into our room to have some downtime and then met back up with them to have dinner at Cedars. We hung out in the lounge and met up with Shelby and Tim. Cedars is a really nice steakhouse and they had excellent food. I got the braised Short Ribs and Allison the Filet. We ate our fill and made it just in time for the opening of the show. Dinner was filled with great conversation and fun. I enjoyed it so much. Continue reading Rock of Ages for my Birthday