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Our Night at Blue Man Group in Boston at the Charles Playhouse

At Blue Man Group

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We received complimentary tickets to attend Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse in Boston. Opinions are our own.

We took the kids to see Blue Man Group tonight for their first time ever. I thought it would be an incredible experience for Andrew because he loves sound and movement and making all sorts of noise. Things were going really well until….

I’m getting ahead of myself here. We arrived at the Charles Playhouse and there was a little lounge area where they had a souvenir kiosk and bar and bathrooms. But on the wall they had an interactive display that the kids enjoyed playing with. There was PVC pipe connected to speakers and also wall displays. If you pressed down on these pieces of pipe then a sound would go off and a ripple of color would go out. It was super cool. The kids had fun playing with this while we waited to be seated.

the sound wall

The lobby also had something else that I enjoyed. that was an image of the Blue Man Group logo done in LEGO by a master builder from the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston.

Lego logo

When it was time to go up into the theater we were shown our seats and they were directly behind the “Splash Zone” seats. We were going to be pretty close to the action. I liked that the theater not only had booster seats for the kids but also ear protection from the louder parts of the show. We got both for Andrew and those were complimentary. That was a bonus. Then the show started and everything was going well, it was funny and entertaining. Andrew was a bit creepted out by the Blue Men themselves. He’s a bit of an anxious kid as we are slowly discovering. But he had fun and was laughing and loved a show section that was done with giant phones. It was all amazing and silly and cool.

Then they started playing music on some pipes and that was great. Such fun sounds and it just totally rocked. Then the Blue Men pulled out a camera from the pipes. They were looking into it and being silly and then they went into the audience and found a guy and put the camera on him and then the video showed the camera going down his throat. Now, obviously the camera itself did not do that and travel through the guys body but a little kid does not realize this and Andrew freaked out. He wanted to get as far away from the theater as he could at this point. While that was done for a comedic thing it was actually pretty traumatic to see the inside of the body which is weird and freaky. Andrew could not get the image out of his head even though he turned his head right away and I covered it until that segment was over.

The show got back on track with music and more but each time the giant PVC pipe instrument came out Andrew tensed up. I reassured him that there would be no more of that sort of thing and we’d see more music and funny stuff. Andrew wasn’t having it. He just wanted to be done with the show.

Other than the part with the camera inside the body this was a spectacular show and was so much fun. The whole show is so inventive and cool. I thought that Andrew would really love it because of how the Blue Men made music with so many different things. His favorite part was with the marshmallows. I won’t spoil that but it was super cool to see.

After the show the Blue Men were on hand for selfies. Andrew wanted no part of it but Eva went with me to get a photo. We had fun doing all sorts of silly selfies. She loved the show and had a great time. Continue reading Our Night at Blue Man Group in Boston at the Charles Playhouse

Review: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts


We were provided the screener for all 10 episodes of the upcoming Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts from DreamWorks Animation that will drop on Netflix on January 14, 2020. Opinions of the show are our own.

Take a look at the trailer for the show and then I’ll tell you what I thought of it.

Imagine living your whole life underground because the surface is too dangerous. You and your family and all surviving humans live in secret burrows. Then one day your burrow is attacked and you are thrust into the surface world, alone and scared. What do you do?

That is the situation that our main character Kipo finds herself in immediately as we begin the show Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. Kipo is an inquisitive, open, and slightly naive 12 year old girl. She is also very smart and musically inclined. He fear turns to curiosity almost immediately as she begins to explore this surface world. It becomes very obvious that she is going to need help, though.


Kipo does find her help, though in the form of friends that she makes along the way. There is Mandu a mutant pig, Wolf, a tough as nails surface human and then there are Benson and Dave. We aren’t quite sure of their motives at first. Each episode explores along more of the mystery as Kipo attempts to be reunited with her father, Lio Oak played by Sterling K. Brown.

The voice talent in this show is amazing. Kipo is voiced by Karen Fukuhara and my kids know her best as the voice of Glimmer from another DreamWorks Animation show, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. They were hooked in immediately.


Around every corner Kipo finds something strange and fantastic. She meet the Timbercats and it is so much fun. I loved the interaction between Kipo and all the Timbercats. There are some great moments there. I do not want to spoil anything about the show for you because it is a wild and fun ride. I will mention that while I have no clue who half the performers are for the music, I loved it. The music in this show is like a character itself. There are some spot on amazing moments around music.


Here is the officla word on the show. I do hope that you watch it as well. It is spectacular. Continue reading Review: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts