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Quarantine Krav Maga via Zoom in the Cat Dungeon

Quarantine Krav Maga via Zoom in the Cat Dungeon

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00462

I don’t think it was until after I took this photo that I realized that the cat’s litter boxes were in the photo. I’m doing my Krav Maga classes in the basement because their is a heavy bag there that I can hit. I hate shadow boxing because I always feel so weird doing it. Hitting nothing but air just feels wrong. I know it is an essential skill to develop but if I can actually hit something, I’d much rather do that. I’m very fortunate that my dojo has continued to support the students through these Zoom classes and through virtual stripe tests and more.

It was good to do an actual class and work out today. Andy had his own class right before mine. We did his in the living room because the basement is still quite messy. I mopped the floor to clean it up but it is going to need me to do that several more times to really clean it up. I’d like to paint the floor at some point too. However, I’m not going out shopping for floor paint for a concrete floor until this whole quarantine thing is over. Of course, then I won’t have the time or inclination to actually do it.

Breaking out the Sewing Machine

Sewing Masks

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00461

Starting tomorrow when we go out we will have masks to cover up. Today Allison and the kids took out Grandma Eva’s Singer sewing machine. Eva sewed hers by hand and she aso ade Andy’s. Allison made mine and will be making some others.

I trimmed my goatee way down today so that I would have a better fitting mask. It always looks weird when I trim it down. Eva and Allison both gave me the side eye when they saw it.