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Gearing Up to Take on World 3 on my Ring Fit Adventure Journey

Ring Fit Journey World 3

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00345

I’ve been part of a program from Nintendo called the #RingFitAdventureJourney. Nintendo sent me a copy of Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch – #FreeProduct. Each week I do a different challenge in the game. This week I took on World 3. Things are getting tougher as we go through the worlds. There are many parts to each one and it is much more difficult to complete an entire world in one session. So I broke it up into a few parts this week. I completed everything there was up to the point where I got to battle Dragaux the body building dragon. I am enjoying that there are new monsters and I’m realizing now that the monsters are actually shaped like workout equipment with fun names like Kennel-bells. They look like bulldogs with long ears that become the handle for a kettle bell. You can see my attempt at beating Dragaux in level 3 below. Do I beat him? You have to watch to see.

Nintendo has also sent me gear to enjoy as I complete each of these challenges. I now have a Nintendo Switch Water Bottle and a set of Ring Fit Adventure wristbands. There are more prizes that I can earn as long as I complete all of the challenges.

The 2019 Christmas Tree

small tree

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00344

We picked up the tree last night after school. The crop of Christmas trees this year was really slim pickings. Our tree this year is rather short and very thin. It is probably the smallest one that we’ve ever gotten. I think we’re going to have to really thin out the amount of ornaments on it this year.