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Photo-A-Day #700 03/09/07

Allison and I pose with the QuikPod

Today’s photo was taken by me using a great new device that I just received in the mail. I learned about this from Cali Lewis on It is called the QuikPod and I wrote a great post about it on Flatwater. I used the QuikPod for today’s Photo-A-Day and a few other things that I am working on and am very excited that it arrived before the weekend. So now I can try using it while I am on my snowshoeing trip this weekend. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #700 03/09/07

Photo-A-Day #699 03/08/07


I was reading on Pop Candy today about a story that I talked about on my Flatwater blog. It was about how the Nintendo Wii has become life enhancing to a senior community in Sedgebrook, IL. Here is a very nice video about how the Wii was received. It looks like Cocoon with video games. But seriously I love seeing people having so much fun with this game system. Nintendo has such a winner on their hands. Must be why it is nearly impossible to find one. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #699 03/08/07