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The Gorillapod

Last week when I went crazy and started buying things from in large quantities I bought something pretty cool. No it wasn’t the iPod, that was pretty cool but I picked up a Gorillapod. What the heck is a gorillapod? Well it is a flexible tripod for digital cameras that can be mounted to the most unlikely places. The three legs are made up of many flexible joints that can be bent and rotated 360 degrees so you get eh perfect shape for your tripod. Suppose you are out in the woods and you want to take a picture of yourself but the only place to mount the tripod is on an uneven rock. With a standard tripod your camera is going to go tumbling into a ravine. However, with the flexible legs of a gorillapod you can place that camera anywhere on that rock and get a great stable landing to take that picture.

I’ve been wanting to pick one of these up for a while now and haven’t made the time to buy it. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long. There are three versions of the gorillapod out there. I got the smallest one, for travel purposes. I’ll have to start indicating which of my photos were shot with the gorillapod.

Adobe Premiere Elements

A month or so ago I had to make an extensive video for work. I jumped at the chance because I could learn Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 while at work. Hey I’m not dummy. I wanted to learn he ins and outs of the program before I started working on videos for my family, including the wedding video that I am going to put together for our wedding. Should be ready by the 2nd anniversary. I’m not using the program for another work related video and I am using the green screen functions to make something truly interesting. Wish me luck.