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So Begins The Last Kids on Earth

Reading The Last Kids on earth with Andrew
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00129

On Monday Andrew came home with a copy of the third book in the Last Kids on Earth series. I wasn’t having it. You cannot start a series with the third book! So I ordered him books 1, 2 and 4. They arrived today and we began reading the series. It is a lot of fun so far. Funny characters, crazy situations, big monsters, zombies and more. Andrew may be a bit young for the series but we must encourage reading and if he is interested in this then I’ll read along with him. I hope we finish up the books before the show debuts on Netflix this Fall.

I’m also trying to bond with Andrew with something outside of apps and video games. He sort of likes LEGO, but is now into Beyblade and Pokemon. These are two things that I don’t quite understand. However, he likes this book and enjoys reading with me so we can at least read the series and talk about that together.

The National Geographic Kids 2020 Almanac is Available Now

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020
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Today the National Geographic Kids 2020 Almanac has been released. We were fortunate to receive and advanced copy of this beautiful almanac for free from National Geographic. Andrew took it and immediately began reading and pouring through the beautiful photos. I’ve always enjoyed National Geographic. When I was a kid they did not make these almanacs specifically for kids like they do now. In fact the Almanac is celebrating its 10th anniversary. I had the full on magazine sent to me monthly by my Aunt. The photos have always been outstanding and this Kids Almanac is no exception. The almanac is $14.99 and packed with so many great features.

  • Fun and games, including activities, jokes, quizzes and comics
  • Practical resources, including homework help and fast facts and maps of every country
  • Exciting sections on pop culture, cool technology, extreme exploration and more
  • Lighthearted favorites like the “Cutest Animals of 2020!”

National Geographic opens up the world to kids because of the variety of topics and how they immerse kids into so many great experiences and places. The National Geographic Kids Almanac is designed to inspire young readers to be the change they want to see in the world around them, encouraging them to become more involved environmentally, socially and in other ways. Inside the almanac kids will learn about the adventures of real-life National Geographic explorers:

  • Christine Chen, geologist and climate scientist
  • Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsay, anthropologist and filmmaker
  • Guillermo de Anda, underwater archaeologist
  • Enric Sala, marine ecologist
  • Katey Walter Anthony, aquatic ecosystem ecologist
  • Kakani Katija, bioengineer
  • Krithi Karanth, conservation scientist
  • Barrington Irving, pilot
  • Brian Skerry, underwater photographer

There is a special contest happening around this year’s almanac. In this year’s edition, National Geographic Kids launches the 20/20 Visionary Challenge, asking readers to imagine the world 10 years from now and to picture a positive change, invention or discovery they’d like to see become reality, in whatever area interests them: animals, people, places, science, technology or beyond — the sky’s the limit! Kids will be able to read some of their great ideas in next year’s Almanac 2021.

Inspiration and information on how to submit 20/20 Visionary Challenge entries, as well as other digital extras, can be found at Continue reading The National Geographic Kids 2020 Almanac is Available Now