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Christmas is for Kids 2011

Photo-A-Day #2430

Today was the Annual Christmas is for Kids Toy Drive sponsored by Achin’s Garage. We’ve been saving a small amount of money each month so that we would have a decent sum with which to buy toys. I also got some great toys from different companies that I could donate as well. Before we went to drop off the toys we set them all up and Eva got to pose with them. Continue reading Christmas is for Kids 2011

Hours of Fun Playing Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure

Photo-A-Day #2390

I firest leanred about Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure at the Time to Play Holiday Showcase that I went to last month. I didn’t get to play and that is probably a good thing because I would have spent my entire time there playing this game. I was sent a copy of Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure for the Wii. It arrived today and I’ve spent about 4 hours playing the game, playing online and leveling up “my” character, Trigger Happy. I haven’t had this much fun playing a Wii game in a very long time. In fact, I haven’t played my Wii in months. I unpacked it only a couple of weeks ago so that Eva could play a kids game. Well, I’ll probably be playing a lot more now because of Skylanders.

Skylanders is a game from Activision that brings a whole new way to play to video games. It is one of the most innovative and fun games I have ever played. The game comes with a Portal of Power upon which you place your Skylanders. Skylanders are protectors of Skylands who were banished to Earth by Kaos. On Earth the Skylanders are small plastic statues but when placed on the Portal of Power they are transported back to Skylands. Sounds a bit corny but it is freaking awesome when you see it in action. Continue reading Hours of Fun Playing Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure