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Review: My Audio Pet and My Audio Pet Splash

My Audio Pets

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00526

We received a selection of My Audio Pet products for free to play with and review. I also purchased some additional products as gifts for my niece and nephew. Opinions are my own.

Back at Toy Fair I visited the My Audio Pet booth and was blown away by their products. They not only had the cutest tiny bluetooth speakers but they had huge sound coming out of those speakers. Each of the My Audio Pets speakers has a name and personality. There is Slow Jam the sloth, Scales the dragon, Unichord the unicorn and so many more. What really caught my eye was Narmony the Narwhal that was part of the My audio Pet Splash line. This is a line of products that are larger than the rest of the pets and also waterproof. They have 5 watts of sound per speaker and a rechargeable battery.

We received Narmony as part of our review products and started using it in Andy’s room right away. What is nice is that because it is bluetooth we can play something from another room and Andy can listen to it in his room. He has lost the privilege of his iPad for a while and instead of losing out on hearing his favorite audio books at night we can start his book on his iPad and it can play on his Narmony speaker.

My audio pet products

We also received two of the regular sized My Audio Pets including one that was part of a book gift set. We received Unichord the Unicorn and Scales the dragon which came with the book Scales the Tiniest Dragon: The Magic Song. There are several books that are original ones that come with special My Audio Pet Pets. I went back and purchased You Silly Little Raccoon that comes with the audio pet Treble Maker. I also bought Slow Jam and Choral: Bugaboo Forest that came with a Slow Jam my audio pet.

Now, why would a bluetooth speaker come with a book. Well, in addition to these being cute little speakers there is also an app that kids can use to play the book on the speaker. But you can also record your own voice reading the book. That was the whole reason I got the two additional book sets. I wanted to have Andy and Eva read the books to their cousins. My intent was to send the gifts directly to my sister but I made a mistake and sent them to my own house. At least with the app I can share the recorded versions of the stories with my sister and she can let the kids play them and follow along with the books, that may our kids are reading to their cousins. You just need the My Audio Pets Plus app which is free. The books are on the app and you can read any one of them, record it and share with friends and family.

We use our two My Audio Pets for our backyard movie nights. Because the speakers can be paired together to provide stereo sound we use them exclusively to give us great sound as the movie plays. We have done this already once this year and look forward to doing many more movie nights.

Mavic Mini Drone Shot

Drone shot

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00517

Yesterday I picked up a new drone. I bought the Mavic Mini. I had been thinking about this drone for some time and yesterday while I was out shopping I thought to stop by Best Buy. However, Best Buy is only open for curbside pickup. I placed the order for the drone on my phone and was able to pick it up within a half hour. It was a really efficient system.

This morning Andy and I went over to Capron Park to fly the drone in the big field. We walked over and discovered that I had forgotten a crucial wire for the remote control to connect to my phone. So we walked back over and then the drone had to update the software and do a few pre-flight things and then we were off. I flew it around the park for a while and then Andy wanted to get home. So, we walked home and I flew around my backyard for a bit and took this photo below.

Image of my house from above

I’m still figuring out all the controls for the camera as well as being able to fly the drone properly. I keep mixing some of the things up but I’m getting better. I need to put a memor card in the drone so that I can take much better, cleare photos that those in this post. These are bascally screenshots because there was not memory card. Many more images to come.