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Andrew Builds Del’s Taco Truck from Playmobil

Dels Taco Trcuk

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00379

This past November Playmobil sent us the entire set of Playmobil The Movie toys for free as part of our holiday Gift Guide. I unboxed one of the sets because the rest were going to Andrew for Christmas. He has been without his iPad for a week and so each morning he’s been working on building different Christmas toys.

I came downstairs and found that he was already full steam ahead on building this set. He didn’t ask for help on anything except for putting the tires on the rims for the wheels on the truck. That is a tricky thing for a kid to doo and I was glad to help. I was quite proud that he did this himself, too. He’s been opening some of the other sets and playing with them as well.

You can see all of the sets in my Holiday Gift guide video. There are a bunch and Andrew has been having fun with them as he puts each together.

Thanos LEGO Mech

Thanos Mech

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00376

I hope that LEGO continues this trend of making Marvel characters in Mech suits. So far I have gotten Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thanos. There is a set that has a Venom Mech with a Spider-Man jet. However, there should be more of these mechs made for the other Marvel characters. There used to be these mini cars made of each character but I like the whole idea of these mechs much more. Let’s hope that there is a Captain America or Thor one coming soon.