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Review: BattleWorld: Mystery of the Thanostones Game

Andy and his Battleworld toys

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00544

Funko sent us a Marvel BattleWorld Mega Pack to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

Funko has gotten into the tabletop gaming space and also on the toy aisle in Target. In Battleworld Mystery of the Thanostones Funko has partnered with Marvel to create a one of a kind tabletop gaming experience featuring micro-collectible figures the excitement of discovering blind bag surprises. The game is rather fun to play as well.

The Battleworld mega box

So, Funko sent the BattleWorld Mega Pack which contains everything you need to play the game with 1-4 people. There are 6 micro figures included. Each one comes with the exclusive Negative Zone Spider-Man figure. Then there are 3 additional figures and two figures trapped in Thanostones. In order to rescue and open a Thanostone you have to win a special Thanostone battle. These can be a bit more difficult than regular battles. The reward, however is to crack open a Thanostone and reveal a brand new micro figure for your collection. Once you rescue this figure they help battle along with you.

About to play Battleworld

The BattleWorld Mega Pack came with two Thanostones and if you would like more of them you will need to pick up a BattleWorld Battle Ball. The nice thing about this game is that you can pick up a Battle Ball and have a 1-2 player immediately. With Meg Pack you can bring in 1-4 players. I am a collector and wanted to expand my collection so I made sure to head to Target and pick up a couple of the BattleWorld Battle Balls.

Battleworld Gaming Box

The micro figures are excellent, something that I’ve come to expect from Funko. I did not expect for such a deep dive into the Marvel Archives regarding the cast of characters we would discover. Andy was delighted that we rescued Throg from a Thanostone. He’s hoping that at some point we get a Spider-Ham figure, too. I guess that I am boring because I really want a regular Iron Man. He’s my favorite, but I am also excited to see characters like Howard the Duck and Beta Ray Bill in the lineup. Series 1 has 30 characters to collect including 6 ultra-rare Infinity versions of characters. We managed to get the Infinity Captain Marvel from a Battle Ball Thanostone!

Each character has their own Hero Power, and those can come in handy while you play. For example, I had Loki in the first game and he allowed us to re-flip the Danger Coin so we could prevent advancing danger at the end of the turn. Gameplay is fast paced and fun. We are excited to play again with the whole family. I am eager to find out what heroes we have left to rescue from the 3 remaining Battle Balls that I picked up. I don’t think I’ve ever waited this long to open up a toy like this, but we can’t unless we rescue those characters. So we must Battle On!!

Review: Giant Bubbles Means Giant fun with WOWmazing Giant Bubble Wands Kits

Andy and the bubbles

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00540

We were provided with four of the WOWmazingTM Giant Bubble Wands Kits for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

While on the Cape today I brought out the WOWmazingTM Giant Bubble Wands Kits for the kids to play with. Dad had an empty joint compound bucket which we used to mix up the WOWmazing giant bubble concentrate. This bucket was large enough that each of the kids could use it to dip in their two handed wands. We had all the kids playing with this so from ages 5 to 12. They all got the concept pretty quickly and were making giant bubbles in the back yard. I was going to try this at the beach but it was way too windy. So, everyone played in the back yard. I even took out my drone to shoot some video from above.

Wowmazing Bubbles

The WOWmazingTM Giant Bubble Wands Kit sells for $14.95 and you can pick it up on The kit comes with the two handed wand and two packages of the WOWmazing giant bubble concentrate. You add that concentrate to 8 ounces of water and can make many giant bubbles. The wands work best if you gently dip them into the concentrate and you do not swirl them around and create small bubbles. Of course, with 4 kids all trying to use their wands at the same time the solution got frothy quick but they were still able to make a bunch of bubbles.

All the Kids making bubbles

I found that gentle steady movement worked well to get large bubbles. A slight breeze would also work. Below are a couple of video clips I made and posted to Instagram showing the kids playing with the bubbles. If you are so inclinced to purchase these and enjoy giant bubbles this Summer please consider using our affiliate link below.

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