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Two Games from my Youth – Pocket Sized

Burger time and TMNT Turtle Fighter

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Super Impulse sent me these two World’s Smallest video games from their Tiny Arcade Series for free to play with and review. Opinions are my own.

Back when I was a kid one of my favorite games on my old TI 994A computer was BurgerTime. In it you ran around as a Chef Peter Pepper and had to assemble burgers by walking across the various pieces of a burger to make them drop. At the same time Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg and Mr. Pickle are trying to chase you down and prevent you from assembling the burgers. You can drop them down with the layers of the burger or drop layers of the burger on them for bonus points. The game is a hard one but fun. The little video game has the classic images on the sides and on the front light up marquee. Controls are simple, up and down and you can throw pepper at your pursuers to prevent them from pestering you.

With the Turtle Fighters game you get the classic cabinet look for a game that I would plunk quarter after quarter into at the movie theater ever Friday. I loved playing hat game because you could play with 4 people. This is a single player game, obviously, but it captures the game from my youth. I am a huge turtles fan and love having this as part of my collection.

Review: Pizza Party Throwdown

Pizza Party Throwdown

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We recieved a free copy of the new game Pizza Party Throwdown from Hog Wild Toys to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

Who doesn’t love pizza? I know that I am a huge fan of the stuff. There is a place on Cape Cod that we love and it is not officially Summer until we have their pizza. But we don’t generally fling our pizza toppings onto the pizza as it spins. We save that for when we play Pizza Party Throwdown from Hog Wild Games. This new game is a lot of fun and can be played on several different skill levels.

The premise is simple, use the pizza chef that you have to fling toppings up and onto a spinning pizza. That is the easy part. However you can test yourself and do a half and half pizza where you try to only fling you toppings on one specific half of the pizza. You can also attempt to fill just one quarter of the pizza with your toppings. There are the various options and some skill involved. Plus there is utter chaos and mayhem afoot when trying to get the hang of the fling. That makes for some silly fun.

We played several times together as a family and then it was down to Andy and me playing together. He got super silly and tried to fling all of the toppings onto the spinning pizza. He managed to get a few on and the rest all over the place. The pizza toppings are almost like little window clings in that they will stick to a smooth glossy surface. Andy thought it would be fun to attempt to fling toppings on my freshly shaved head. He got a couple up there, too.

Silly fun, for ages 4 and up, easy to set up and needs no batteries. Great little family game for $20. If you are so inclined to pick up this game please consider using our affiliate link below.