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Get Your Own Little Earth Celestial Buddy

Celestial Buddies - Mars

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00510

I was offered my own Celestial Buddy for free to check out and review. I choose Mars because that is where I hope to see us go next.

It has been an out of this world ride for one plush little Earth from Celestial Buddies. Back in March a plush Earth toy from Celestial Buddies was launched with Crew Dragon to the International Space Station. It quickly captured the hearts and minds of children everywhere and also those young at heart. Now, Little Earth is coming home with the crew on today’s launch. Full details of the journey are in the press release below.

We will watch the live feed of the launch with the kids in a couple of hours and I truly hope that they will feel a sense of wonder at the possibilities by watching this historic launch. This is the first time a space ship will launch Americans into Space from America. The next step would be to go back to The Moon but ultimately a journey to Mars. So that is why I choose the Mars Celestial Buddy, that and Aries is my sign.

The plush is adorable and has a special tag that tells facts about the red planet. I think that a toy like this makes the idea of space more accessible to a child at a young age and plus, it is an adorable plush! I have added some of my affiliate links below so that you can orders your own if you are so inclined.

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We got Korner’d by Endless Games

Andy playing Kornerd

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We recieved a copy of Korner’d from Endless Games for free. Opinions of the game are our own.

Endless Games has recently launches a new puzzle game called Korner’d. This is a two sided game board with 36 tiles that have four colors or animals on them, one in each corner of the time. The game board is a large grid covered in colors on one side and animals on the other. Your goal is to match your tiles to spaces on the board. Each tile can only match one specific spot on the board. There are several ways that you can play this. Traditional is that each player gets 3 tiles and the first one to place all of their tiles correctly wins. You can also race to see who can get all 36 tiles placed the quickest. We also made up other rules like giving me 9 tiles to do when everyone else got 6.

I found that I picked this game up very quickly and could match things really well. We played with my mom, my dad and Eva. Andy began to pick the game up better the second time that we tried to cover the whole board. After that he was hard to keep up with. His mind is sharp and he quickly figured out the best locations for the pieces. He was quite happy that the first time we covered the board it took us 13 minutes and the second time around it took us 6 minutes. He was very proud of the change in the amount to time it took us to complete the puzzle.

More information about the puzzle below.

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