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Christmas is for Kids Give it Forward Project – Toy Preview

My office is being overrun by so many great toys from some amazing companies. These companies have sent me toys to review as well as to give away for Christmas is for Kids. I don’t have a review yet. Went to do some with Eva and had not charged the camera so I did a solo preview of the toys instead. Please click through and leave a comment on the video and if you can, please promote it and give it a thumbs up.

Toy Review: Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Pack

Eva playing with the Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Pack

We received a Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Pack to test out and review. Crayola has again worked with Griffin Technology and has vastly improved the functionality of the tools. This time around there are some great new apps to go along with the new tools. The Digital Deluxe Pack combines the best tools from the three other new tool packs, the DigiTools 3D Pack, DigiTools Effects Pack and the DigiTools Airbrush Pack. Each of these DigitTools Packs corresponds to one of three new iOS apps DigiTools Airbrush, DigiTools FX and DigitTools 3D and if you have the DigiTools Deluxe Pack then you gain full access to each app. The Apps themselves are really fun for kids.

DigiTools Deluxe Pack

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