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Walmart is Ready for Skylanders Sunday

Photo-A-Day #2752

I popped into Walmart on my way to work tonight to see if there was anythign up for Skylanders Giants. There was! A display was up (above) and you could preview each figure and it lit up the figures. It was very cool to see Lightcore Prism Break lit up, the videos of it do not do it justice. There is also a special thing happening around the store. There is a display that has a map, you go around the store to get elemental stickers to add to the map and then the map must glow in the dark or something where you can get a special code. I think the glow int he dark thing ties in with teh Walmart exclusive starter pack that has glow in the dark Cynder. Continue reading Walmart is Ready for Skylanders Sunday

Toy Review: Mungi Magnetic Bands

Eva shows the sets of Mungi Bracelets.

Kids love bracelets. When I was a kid it was jelly bracelets and that fad came back in a big way a few years ago. Adults and kids like to wear silicone bracelets to show their support for things or express themselves. Well an entrepreneurial dad decided to combine the collect-ability and trade-ability of bracelets and created Mungi (pronounced moon-gee) Magnetic Bands. A set of three bands goes for $6.99 retail.

Our Mungi Bracelets

When these arrived Eva looked at them and asked, “When are we reviewing THOSE!” She was very excited about them. I picked three sets including: Dancing Princess, Rock Star and Shark Attack. Eva likes guitars and I think of her as my little rock star so the Rock Star set was a good choice. She also does ballet and is my little princess so the Dancing Princess set was also cool. The set that I picked primarily for me was Shark Attack because it had a Jolly Roger band in addition to the Shark band.

So, when Eva did get her hands on the Mungi Magnetic Bands she couldn’t wait to make a video about them.

After she made the video she proceeded to make a ton of combinations with the bands. She even asked to take them to school. I allowed her to take two bands (enough to make a bracelet for her arm) to wear to school. The bands are recommended for ages 8 and up. Eva’s less than two weeks away from 5 years old but I decided as her parent that she was responsible enough to play with these bands. She was also strictly warned to keep them in places that Andrew cannot get near. She played with them very well and enjoyed the heck out of them. And clearly she doesn’t want to trade them with friends, yet. Maybe when she’s older she’ll get into the trading of things. Continue reading Toy Review: Mungi Magnetic Bands