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Day 2 – Botcon 2007 in Providence Rhode Island

With Optimus Prime - Botcon 2007
Photo-A-Day #812

Today was day two of BotCon 2007 for me. After last night’s amazing adventure of seeing the Transformers Movie Twice I had a hard time getting to sleep. I also hung out with the guys from and some of the IDW people as well. So sleep for me came at 4:00am and ended at 6:00am because I had to get up and get over to the bus for the Hasbro Tour. Continue reading Day 2 – Botcon 2007 in Providence Rhode Island

Photo-A-Day #803 – Among the Robots

Among the Robots

Another day, more Transformers. I emptied out all the boxes. I think I have misplaced a box somewhere though. I am not sure where that box is. It has some Binaltech transformers in it though.

I’ve set up one half of the room, the Decepticon half, All the ones that are not in boxes are all over the floor and need to be put into the bookshelf. I took a bunch of pictures while I made some progress. Here are some additional images.

PAD_062007_u PAD_062007_t PAD_062007_s
PAD_062007_r PAD_062007_q PAD_062007_p
PAD_062007_o PAD_062007_m PAD_062007_l
PAD_062007_n PAD_062007_k

It was very fun looking through all my old Transformers. I played with my original ones and they have some marks of wear and tear. Stickers have been moved, I used to take them apart with tiny screwdrivers and put them back together. Some characters are missing parts but not many, very very few are missing any parts at all. I may have to search the parts dealers at BotCon to see if I can get some replacement parts.

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