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Bessie the Flying Cow

While on a search for new Transformers toys on I came across this unique toy. It is called Bessie the Flying Cow. Bessie apparently flies over 50 feet in the air and makes a screaming noise. From the Product Description.

Launch these super plush toys skyward and listen to them belt out their unique animal call — fun for all ages!

So I assume that Bessie would Moo as she flies through the air. But they don’t just have flying cows. Nope, there are other flying animals as well. There is Huck the Flying Duck, which cracks me up because “Huck” is another word for throw and that is what you do with these toys, you throw them. So you “huck” ’em around. Then there is Wally the Flying Pig. He must crash a lot. And there is also Freddie the Flying Frog. Aren’t all frogs named Kermit or Freddie? And last but not least is the Funky Chicken, however Funky Chicken must be purchased as part of some other package like the “Fab 5” Farm 5-Pack. There are also flying monkeys with various colored helmets.

Transformers Classics

About the best thing that has come from Hasbro in a long time is the Transformers Classics line of Transformers. This line has just what the adult collector is looking for as well as great playability for the younger generation. The Optimus Prime and Megatron Characters are fantastic. They retain the true fun of the original characters while enhancing the quality with the latest technology. These toys are just so fun to play with. I decided that I would open my Transformers Classics line of toys because they were just so cool, I could not keep them in the packages. Right now I have Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Hot Rod and Grimlock. Grimlock just arrived the other day. I got Bumblebee, Hot Rod and Grimlock from the Hasbro Toy shop. Well worth getting them there because the discounts were great. I plan to get the rest of the line as more become available.