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Photo-A-Day #683 02/20/07

Mr. Potato Head at Hasbro

Today I went to the Hasbro Company corporate offices in Pawtucket, RI. It is a 15 minute drive from my house. My cousin’s wife works there and she invited me over to go to the Hasbro Employee Toy Store. I was all excited on Friday night because I thought I could take a picture of me with the Giant Hand from the movie that is holding the timer, however come to find out we would have needed special permission from Senior Management to take photos inside the building. So today’s photo is from outside the building in the visitor parking lot.

The waiting area was so cool. There were toys all over the reception desk and to read there were G.I. and Transformer’s comic books. I poked through them for a bit as I waited for Annie to come get me.

When Annie got me we went down this hall of history that had tons of classic games and toys. There was also a display of upcoming toys and games. I saw a couple of things for Transformers but they were mostly puzzles and board games, no new toys.

Before we went into the toy shop we had lunch in the cafeteria. They have a very nice cafeteria there at Hasbro and a friend of Annie’s was a manager of the food service and he brought us out some cookies. They were tasty and big with great chocolate. But I was too excited to eat. I was rearing to go check out the toys. On the way in we saw some of the upcoming Spiderman toys and Annie worked on the packaging of those toys.

After lunch I hit the toy shop and got myself 4 transformers and a toy for Allison. I picked up three Transformer’s classics and a Transformers Cybertron figure. And as we left we ran into one of Annie’s friends Forrest who is a copywriter for, you guessed it, Transformers. We chatted with him a bit and then it was time for Annie to get back to work. I had to get home and put up my photo from the trip and write up this blog post. And now I’m going to play with my new Toys.

Bessie the Flying Cow

While on a search for new Transformers toys on I came across this unique toy. It is called Bessie the Flying Cow. Bessie apparently flies over 50 feet in the air and makes a screaming noise. From the Product Description.

Launch these super plush toys skyward and listen to them belt out their unique animal call — fun for all ages!

So I assume that Bessie would Moo as she flies through the air. But they don’t just have flying cows. Nope, there are other flying animals as well. There is Huck the Flying Duck, which cracks me up because “Huck” is another word for throw and that is what you do with these toys, you throw them. So you “huck” ’em around. Then there is Wally the Flying Pig. He must crash a lot. And there is also Freddie the Flying Frog. Aren’t all frogs named Kermit or Freddie? And last but not least is the Funky Chicken, however Funky Chicken must be purchased as part of some other package like the “Fab 5” Farm 5-Pack. There are also flying monkeys with various colored helmets.