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Create Your Own Video Games Using BLOXELS

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00683

Bloxels sent us a free review unit of their Game Studio Kit. Opinions Are Our Own.

Back when I was 10 years old I had a T! 994A computer which was basically a keyboard that I attached to a TV and used a tape recorder to save anything I created. It took thousands of lines of code to make an 8 pixel X 8 Pixel character dance. I would have lost my mind if I had access to Bloxels as a kid. If I was able to use this I would have been creating all sorts of video games! Now I have the chance to do this with my son, Andy.

With Bloxels you have access to creating characters, game levels, storylines, backgrounds and more. It all depends upon your imagination and how long you want to put in the work. For a kid who enjoys making things on games like Minecraft they will easily pick up how to create games and levels with Bloxels. With the Game Studio Kit you get a Bloxels account so that you can build your own video games, save them and share them so that other people can play them. The Kit comes with a gameboard and 400 blocks so that you can physically create characters and levels. Then you can photograph them using the bloxels app and edit them further within the app. You can see more about how the game works in our video below.

For creative video game oriented kids this will be an incredible christmas gift. If you are so inclined please consider picking up the game through our affiliate link below.

You can also buy an account to create bloxels games at for $19.99. You can also learn more about the game on the Bloxels YouTube channel. This is a fantastic resource for learning all about game creation.

All the Struggle of The Oregon Trail in Your Pocket

The Oregon Trail Micro Arcade

Sper Impulse sent me a free review copy of their Micro Arcade game The Oregon Trail.

Back in the 80’s computer class consisted of playing The Oregon Trail. That was it. We’d do computers like once a month and we would be able to play The Oregon Trail. In this game you have the task of taking your family of 5 from Independence Missouri to Oregon. It was near impossible to do. You had to keep track of supplies, clothing, oxen, ammunition and the ever present dysentery. Most 80’s kids know the sting of suddenly dying of dysentery along The Oregon Trail. It happened to me often enough. Now you do not need a big honking Tandy 80 from Radio Shack to experience that pain, you can carry it in your pocket. As you can see.

I died

but in all seriousness it is a great little piece of nostalgia that you can take along with you and play whenever you’d like. Who knows, you might be able to cross a river and not lose half your supplies, your wife and some oxen. You may be able to survive harsh Winters and make it all the way to Oregon. Will you be a Banker, A Carpenter, A Farmer or a headstone somewhere in Montana. The history of the development of this game and how it became so popular is fascinating. Now my own kids can experience that same feeling I got while playing this game. Frustration filled with hope that at some point I would survive and make it to the end of the trail.

The physical gaming piece is very cool. It is a totally stripped down piece of tech with six buttons an LED screen a little larger than a postage stamp, sound and it is USB rechargeable. It retails for $20 and is a great stocking stuffer for that 080’s kid in your life. If you are so inclined to purchase it as a gift please consider using our affiliate link below.