Chair Lift Speed Dating

On the radio this morning I heard about this thing called Chair Lift Speed Dating at one of the local mountains. This actually is a great idea. You have 5 to 10 minute ride up the hill and in that time you can chat with your chairmate. This kind of makes the familiar call of ‘any singles’ in the lift line a bit more literal.

Here is where this could go wrong. What if the lift gets stuck and you are trapped with someone that you wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes with let alone 10 to 20+ minutes.

I like seeing incorporating sporting events and singles events together. That way you have a common interest built right in. So if you run out of things to talk about you can at least talk about the outdoor activity.

My friend Kim at Cape Cod Kayak does a singles paddle each summer. It is a nice event that ends with some social time at a local restaurant. If you are single and on the Cape in the summer you should look into this event. This year it is on June 20th.

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