Chicken and Waffles, Boat Trip and Mexican Street Popcorn

Froggy Pop Corn
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Our continued tour of Kentucky culinary haunts continued today. We went of the Butchertown Grocery for brunch and it was out of this world delicious. It was one of our favorite meals and dining locations. This is also one of my sister’s favorites.

Before we went to brunch I helped Uncle E clean the boat to get it ready for an afternoon ride. They have a very nice boat and we were going to go for a ride on the Ohio river in the afternoon. Cleanup was fairly quick and we returned to get everyone to go to Butchertown Grocery.

Chicken and Waffles

Eva and I split their Chicken and Waffles. It was so good. We polished that giant plate off along with a side of bacon because, well, bacon. Andrew had a couple of poached eggs, bacon and some incredible has browns. I had plenty of those, too. they had cheese in them, amazing!

After brunch we took a walk through The Flea. There I met the owner of Froggy’s Pop Corn. They had tons of options for samples and I really enjoyed the Mexican Street corn flavor. I got Mexican street corn ever single chance I got all week and as a popcorn flavor that was excellent. Andrew is the king of all samples and he had plenty of them himself. He liked Cinnamon Bun the most.

We were getting hot and so it was time to get out on the water.

On the boat

With all the rain this year the Ohio was running very high. Uncle E. navigated around all the floating debris like a champ. Both of the kids loved being on a bot for the first time. We got a nice ride in and got off the water before the skies opened and unleashed a fury of torrential rain. We watched on the TV as the rain rolled in and completely obscured the bridges downtown, bridges that we were close to while we were on the water. I’m glad that we turned in when we did.

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