Christmas is for Kids 2019 Donation – Our 11th Year!

Christmas is for Kids Donation

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For the past 11 years we have given a donation of toys to Christmas is for Kids. This is a local charity that is run by the Council for Children in our city. The need is a great one and Christmas is for Kids serves over 900 families each year with so much. Because I receive many toys for events, for review and often out of the blue I found it important to give back. I also found it important that as a family we save a little money each month to go on a shopping trip to get additional toys from us. The reason I do this part is so that the kids have a sense of ownership of the process and the donation. I also want them to understand that they are helping a child who would have gotten nothing on Christmas morning.

As a family we have been very fortunate and we want to help spread joy and cheer to those who may be less fortunate. For me, joy comes from toys. Growing up I received some of the best toys in the world, Transformers. I would be able to transform every one by Christmas morning (I opened gifts from my grandparents on Christmas Eve). I played with those toys all year long and still have them to this day. I hope that some of these toys here spark that joy and imagination in a child who may receive the toy this Christmas.

We are very grateful to the many companies who have sent us toys to review this year. Some of the toys that we donated were extras from the reviews. Some came from events such as The HoliDAY of Play ad Sweet Suite. Being a Toy Insider Parent writer has made it possible for me to receive so many extra toys this year and many of those went to this donation. We probably have well over 200 toys to donate this year. So much so that we had to move some to the hallway instead of just the stairs. There are even more toys inside the boxes on the side there, too. I can’t wait to deliver them!

After this shot we boxed up all the toys as tightly as possible and we ened up with 8 uge boxes of toys and will probably have to make two trips to make the donation!

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