Christmas Jammies

Christmas Jammies
Photo-A-Day #3519

We drove up to Jackson, NH today. It was a six hour and forty-five minute trip through rain and snow. I was driving the Buick Enclave that I have for the week and it performed like a champ. While much of the ride was white knuckled, it was still nice to take the car to The Christmas Farm Inn. We broke up the trip with a couple of stops including the stop that I had to make, which was to have dinner at the Poor People’s Pub. The Poor People’s Pub has been around for 40 years. I had to get myself a T-Shirt from the 40th year and a pepperoni pizza to enjoy.

The kids enjoy going to the Poor People’s Pub, at least Eva does, Andrew was asleep moments before we went in and slept through dinner. He woke up at the end and then was so out of it. He ate a few bites of his dinner and then it was back into the car to make our way to the final destination.

The last portion of the trip was another couple of hours and we finally make it to Jackson, NH. We know that we are there because we hit the covered bridge and it was all lit up. It was so nice to see and it was so New England for me. I knew that this was going to be a great trip for the family.

Driving through six hours of ice and snow can be stressful. I was a bit amped up when I got to the front desk. The people behind the desk there were great and they got us checked in real quick. We zipped around the corner and got into our room for the next few days. We stayed in The Balsams. The Balsams in a room in The Barn. The room we had was broken up to a living room/common area with a loft upstairs with a queen bed and two twins. Downstairs was the bathroom and a private room for Allison and I. The kids were so excited. I was excited as well but worried because I wasn’t sure how the kids would do on those stairs at night in a new place. I didn’t need to be worried because they were fine. They actually slept pretty well, too.

When we take special trips I like to get the kids something special to wear. This time around Allison and I talked about it and we decided on Christmas Jammies. We got them for the whole family and snapped the photo above before we went to bed after a very long day. But it was a good day.

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