Annual Christmas Letter

Photo-A-Day #1722

Each year I help my father write the family Christmas Letter. In it he tries to summarize the year in review. Since today is Christmas and I am going to be spending it all day with the family and instead of writing a post I wrote a recap ahead of time and because I take photos I figured I’d recap the year with some of my favorite photos with links to the posts from those days. Just click the picture to read the post.

Home is Where the Heart is Oh that look Two Blogs Collide The Piano Fingers for Brushes
Brand that Flip Digital Days Boston - Model Shoot Day for Moms Tink and The Princesses Clean!
Sunburst Chance of Light Rain 100% off at Chipotle 072009_1564 North Attleboro Block Party 2009
Oh My Gosh! On a Train (Yacht) Bound for Nowhere Riding at the Picnic Use Every Color in Box of Crayons Monkey Business at Woburn Safari Park
Wings and Pings with @PokenGirl At Bru's Room At Shamu's House Anthony Edwards, Xshot and Shoe4Africa Radiant Light Spinning Like the Wide Eyed Crusader
Trick or Treat 2009 Gary Vaynerchuk Thrills my Kindle Wear Your Passions Has it been 60 Years... already? BostonTweetUp MegaTweetUp Recap
Santa Knows What?

I want to thank everyone who has been reading this blog for the past year and longer. Next year I’m kicking things into overdrive so get ready.

If you are looking for more Christmas Photos and see what he was been up to for Christmas and Christmas Eve take a look at my Holiday Blog. This was something I set up so that my in-laws could celebrate Christmas Day with us. I also have a huge Flickr Set of Photos from Christmas 2009.

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13 thoughts on “ Annual Christmas Letter”

  1. I enjoy the daily blogs and your picures are great. Thanks for the help with the letter. Next year I’d like to include more pictures. Good luck in the new year.

    1. Thank you Dad. More photos to come in 2010, I am poised to hit Photo 2010 in 2010, too. We’ll get that letter together earlier and with more photos next year.

  2. I’m playing the “BenSpark Catch-up Game” again…but just wanted you to know how much I loved seeing the year in review! Eva has grown so much this year-wow! I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!! 🙂

    1. Mo,
      Thank you very much. Eva has grown so much and changed and man she gets smarter every single day. I just thought of her sunglasses being stepped on. Only Eva would look up with her almost two year old self and say, “Say Sawry”. She’s just an amazing child that I love so much. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives and wish we could have caught you when you were home. We’ll catch up soon.

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