Cinco de Mayo on a Taco Tuesday in 2020

Cinco De Mayo

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00488

Break out the tequila because today is Cindo de Mayo and it is also a Taco Tuesday. Here we had tacos of the beef and fish variety. I made margaritas for me and for Allison. No, that is not an actual margarita in Andy’s hands. He is having gatorade in one of our margarita glasses and Eva is having milk in hers. They just wanted to celebrate, too.

We had a fine meal and laughs. Andy misjudged putting down his glass and spilled gatorade everywhere, which was no fun but got a few more laughs. I had my one alcoholic drinks a year and it was quite tasty. One shot of tequila in mine. I’m good till next year. I certainly hope that next year, the word Corona has more to do with the beer than anything else.

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