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Allison and I have been giving serious thought to cloth diapers for our second child (no news to report – don’t get excited). In our research for cloth diapers we ran across Cloth Couture Diapers. I liked how cute they were and I asked Allison Vaughn the owner and creator of Cloth Couture Diapers if I could get a sample to try out and then do a review and giveaway on this blog. She was totally game so she sent us a credit and we chose the diaper we wanted. We picked the large Chopsticks Please one. It was so different and fun.

Allison put Eva into this diaper one morning and let her run around the house wearing it. Even though this was something very different for her she took no noticed and went about the morning playing around till she wet the diaper. We didn’t realize that we needed a cover for this. We should have read the Cloth 101 FAQ on Cloth Couture’s website.

Allison Vaughn makes the diapers and they are so well crafted. Everything I’ve read so far has mentioned the excellent craftsmanship and great customer service. Allison Vaughn is really making a name for herself in the world of cloth diapering. I’m pretty sure that cloth will be the way to go for us for baby #2. And for that baby a great starter kit would be the prize that I’m offering through this contest.

The Contest

Allison has donated 3 gender neutral Cloth Couture Organic Bamboo Velour fitteds (fits 10-16lbs). The inside is a beautifully soft organic bamboo velour with a trifold soaker.
– 1 minky waterproof cover, size small.

This is a great starter kit for parents who are interested in getting into cloth. Here is a preview of what those little cuties look like. The bottom one is the Chopsticks Please one!


To Enter

Go to for full Entry Rules and Participation.

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