Collecting Marvel and Hanna-Barbera Pop Pez Dispensers

Pop Pez Collection
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00100

I’ve recently discovered Pop Pez. These new Pez dispensers have Funko Pop heads to them. It is a perfect collaboration for the two companies. Funko makes some of the most collectible figures around and Pez are just a lot of fun. Put them together and you make an already collectible item even more collectible, if that is possible.

There are many Pop Pez to collect but I had to put a limit on myself and so I decided to only focus on the Marvel ones. Then I saw Grape Ape and decided that the Hanna-Barbera ones would also be collected. But that’s it. Well, barring a fun one off like Crash Bandicoot. I show off my collection in the video below.

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