17 thoughts on “Color Outside the Lines”

  1. I like the new logo! We all should spend more time coloring outside the lines. Sometimes life seems like you’re just connecting the dots.

  2. Although hubby and I are football fans, we never really got into Fantasy Football, so I know nothing about it. It might be something hubby would enjoy though, he’s a bigger football fan than I am. I just cheer for the Broncos and have since day one. Sounds like a pretty cool giveaway.
    .-= Look at what Baba wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

  3. Dad,
    I like the new logo too. and I do feel like I’m just connecting the dots from time to time. I’ve got to look outside the lines more.

  4. Baba,
    Thanks I think you posted for the football one on this one that is cool Do you want to be on the contest?

    Glad you like the logo. Drop me your address and I’ll send you a few.

  5. Thanks Buck,
    We’ve been working on the site and stuff for a while, or at least Ted has. He’s got some amazing ideas and creativity. How are you liking Trust Agents.

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