Coloring Break

Photo-A-Day #1970

Taking a Little Commentary Posting Break. Here is why.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 29, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/13sec
Aperture: 5.6
Focal Length: 92mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Aperture w/AF
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

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7 thoughts on “Coloring Break”

  1. It is so beautifully colored. you got some really nice sense of color coordination and a knowledge of mixing different shades and hues of a single color.

  2. I truly believe every adult should break out the crayons and sit down to color at least once a month to get he creative juices flowing. Love this!

  3. Nice coloring job! There is nothing more relaxing then sitting and coloring with your children. It is one of my favorite things to do.

  4. I agree with Deborah. I went to a friend’s house last year for Thanksgiving and her niece LOVES to color. She and I colored for hours and the “grown ups” kept apologizing because it seemed like I was babysitting and not able to relax. I told them straight out that it was probably one of the most relaxing moments I’d had in a long time. It’s fun to express yourself, it’s fun to play with the little peeps, and it’s a good way to let go of the “grown up” in you and be a kid again. Sometimes you just have to get your Crayola on:)

  5. Have you seen the color books with vellum pages so that it looks like stained glass when you’re done coloring? My 5 year old made one at a friends house and then hung it on our sliding glass door. I love it!

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