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Photo-A-Day #1888

Today is my Dad’s Birthday. I sent him a birthday text 1st thing this morning and asked if he was going to take a birthday motorcycle ride. He texted me back with a photo taken of the beach and his Harley, “Yep, THANKS!” My Dad rocks, and not just because he reads my blog faithfully. He’s so skilled in carpentry and years ago he left a job that just wasn’t what he wanted to do so that he could go and do what he did like. And over the years through hard work and sacrifice he was able to do what he enjoys. Testaments to his attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship can be seen all over. Happy Birthday Dad.

Last night I was on Twitter and one of my fellow panelists for Dads in Social Media, Troy Pattee of Mom It Forward (@TroyPattee) was asking a question as to what brands your children interact with most. I replied Disney, PBSKids, Barbie and Crayola. I later tweeted also that she loves Hot Wheels and Transformers. Her favorite Transformer is Optimus Prime. She even picked out my shirt today after work it is my Red White and Blue Autobot symbol. I asked her, who is that she said Optimus Prime, Close but I’ll take it.

Tonight I figured I’d get her to play with both her Princess Barbies and my ,um I mean, er…, HER Hot Wheels cars.

Today Allison and I have been together for nine years. We started dating (for real and not just dating without knowing it, long story) nine years ago today. A wonderful nine years it has been too.

I was reading the blog of one of my other fellow panelists for the Dads in Social Media session at Evo’10 Convention. This one was Greg’s of Telling Dad (@TellingDad). Greg founded Sweet Dreams Fund. You can read the story behind why he created it, it is tragic and had me crying. It also had me give generously via paypal too help and I hope that it does the same for you. Here is what the money donated to the fund goes to: “Every penny that is contributed to my “Good Night’s Sleep” Sweet Dreams Fund is used to purchase new pillows, pillowcases, plush bears, crayons, and coloring books in bulk which are then donated to an increasing number of domestic violence shelters.

When women and older children arrive at the shelter, they will be given a fresh, clean pillow and a pillowcase. Younger children will also receive a soft plush teddy bear, a coloring book, and a box of crayons just for them. Best of all, they get to take these items with them when they leave.

Out of tragedy and sadness came hope and if we can help give hope to children and women in that situation then that is good work. I am so impressed that Greg channeled his frustration, anger and sadness into something so positive.

After that I have to give you a pallet cleanser and show you something else that Greg created. This should inspire you to leave a comment or two.

Tomorrow I get to talk with my cohorts, I mean co-panelists for the Dad’s in Social Media session at Evo’10. I look forward to talking with Troy, Greg and Adam of DaDa Rocks (@DadaRocks)

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  1. Drew, thanks for the compliments. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I like and to have such a wonderful family.The ride was great, not long enough, but still worth it. The best time of my birthday was Eva singing me Happy Birthday. Congrats to You and Allison.

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