Comic Book Review & Giveaway: The Only Living Boy

The other day I got a message in my inbox from Comic creator David Gallaher. He and Steve Ellis have created a new young adult graphic novel called The Only Living Boy. David sent me the first issue in .PDF form which I read and enjoyed. I also enjoyed Steve’s artistic work on the book. I looked back over some of the things that both men have done and I have a few of their books in my collection dating back to the days when I only collected Wildstorm comics.

The book was an interesting read. A boy is on the run and ends up in another world, or maybe it is the same world but a different time, that will probably be revealed as the story progresses. Already there is a colorful cast of characters and some mystery.

The main character Erik Farrell is on the run from something. We don’t know exactly from what but he ends up in this other world and is again on the run from the strange and fantastic creatures there. Erik find his courage and that is when the story really begins.

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This is how David describes the book.

My name is David Gallaher. I am the author and co-creator of a young adult graphic novel series called THE ONLY LIVING BOY. The book, which has been billed as a cross-between The Wizard of Oz and John Carter of Mars, tells the story of a young runaway who finds himself lost and alone in an alien world. The artist and co-creator of the series, Steve Ellis, has illustrated for DC and Marvel Comics and is currently raising two children of his own. We believe that our book, which is available digitally now and in print shortly, is fun for children of all ages.

The comic will be available in the Fall at comic shops but you can get it right now through comixology for only $.99. As a comic book collector who pays $3.99 for individual books each week $.99 is a steal. The link to buy is

David asked if I would like to do a giveaway and I’d very much like to do that for you. I love seeing what creative people do and this is a very creative project that I’d love to see succeed. So, who would be interested in winning a copy of the book? Not only a printed copy but a very, very special printed copy. Only 200 copies exist. Here’s what you can win.

Grand Prize Pack
The Grand Prize Pack

The Grand prize pack will contain the following:

  • First printing of The Only Living Boy, signed
  • Limited edition sketch cover of the Only Living Boy (where artist Steve Ellis will draw a one-of-a-kind sketch on the back of the book, like you’ll see in the attached example photo-1.jpg). Only 200 copies of this edition exist.
  • Limited edition poster
  • A code to redeem a digital edition of the book on your tablet or mobile phone (codes provided by Comixology, the leading distributor of digital comics).
  • $50 value
Custom Sketch by Steve Ellis
Custom Sketch by Steve Ellis

Five runners up will receive:

  • A code to redeem a digital edition of the book on your tablet or mobile phone (codes provided by Comixology, the leading distributor of digital comics).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a .pdf of the comic to read and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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14 thoughts on “Comic Book Review & Giveaway: The Only Living Boy”

  1. I have read through the blog several times, it only talks about the comic, contest, and prizes but there are no instructions on how to enter. Could you please help. I may have over look it but I don’t think so.


  2. I’ve heard nothing but good buzz about this book…
    The box is asking me who my favorite comic character is, so right now I’d have to say Peter from Peter Panzerfaust or The Will from Saga 🙂

  3. It was a little difficult at first but I think I figured it out. It would probably help to include in the blog that you have to input your information on the form that most, like me, may mistaken for a random ad in the middle of the blog like a lot of blogs and websites.

    Now, that I know, I hope I win.

  4. Purchased this book on my iPad this morning and read it. Loved it so much and can’t wait for the next issue in January. As an aspiring artist/writer I found the work not only inspiring, but educational and informative at the same time!

  5. My favourite comic character has to be a toss up between… Fone Bone or Tintin. I know they’re kind of blank slates but they really made me love comics!

  6. My favorite character is definitely Captain America. Dates way back to the Mike Zeck era from the 1980s. This series actually sounds neat and I really like the art. Regardless of the giveaway, I think I’ll be checking this one out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Favorite character…

    Doctor Druid.

    What? No? Okay.

    DC: Firestorm (pre-New52) or Blue Beetle (Ted Kord).
    Wildstorm: Grifter (again, pre-New52).
    Marvel: The Avengers. Don’t really have a single favorite character at Marvel.

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