Coming This June – Disney Infinity!

Disney is getting into the game of interactive figures that work cross platform on many video game consoles. The new game is called Disney Infinity and this is the new trailer for it.

I’ve watched the trailer a few times and here are some things I’ve noticed.

  • The platform has space for two characters and what I suspect is one for a Play Set.
  • The initial starter pack will include Sully from Monsters INC and the upcoming Monsters University, looks like the Play Set for that is Monster’s University.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow is also part of this set and I suspect many of the other pirates as well, the trailer shows Barbosa and Davy Jones at least.
  • I saw Wreck-It Ralph and that makes me happy.
  • The last figure in the starter pack is Mr. Incredible.
  • It looks like characters can use other characters signature items like Buzz Lightyear’s jet pack and wings.
  • I saw the Queen of Hearts’ Flamingo croquet mallet and more.
  • June is going to be a lot of fun for Disney video gaming fans and if Skylanders has taught us anything the buzz for this will get huge and the hunt for figures will be on.
  • Lots of speculation about characters beyond those that you can see in the trailer and how many total Play Sets will be in this first release.
  • There is also the option to create your own world in the game. That is very interesting to me.

So you have a combination of Skylanders, Minecraft and Disney. As long as the game plays well this should be a mega hit. I hope that there is something to see at Toy Fair next month.

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