Comp USA TAP Program

Today as I was working on my computer my brand new monitor, the Viewsonic VX2245 with integrated iPod dock, suddenly made a pop noise and shut off completely. I was nonplussed to say the least. I just sat their staring at the black screen pressing the power button and wondering and hoping if it was a fluke and if it would turn back on. Well t did not turn back on so I unhooked everything and took it back to Comp USA. I purchased the Technology Assurance Program or TAP program as they call it so I knew everything was okay. The TAP program is a one time thing if something goes wrong with your device you bring it back and if it cannot be fixed it will be exchanged. I brought it in and they checked it out determined that it was in fact kaput so they got me another one. However because I did not have my original box I had to take the new one home without a box so they could send the broken one back. A little weird but never-the-less I was happy to get a new monitor. I also got back my cords and cables. I however, forgot to get the custom iPod insert that was part of the monitor. I will have to get over there tonight and get that out of the old monitor. After all was said and done they didn’t even use my TAP because the monitor was only 2 days beyond the return date policy. I was happy, especially if something like this happens again. I have the piece of mind knowing that I can return the monitor and get a new one if something goes wrong.

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