The kids check out the MSP Corvette

Company Picnic 2018

Eva riding Steel

Today was the annual company picnic. Can you believe that I have been to sixteen of these things. Next month I hit my 17th year and I’ve attended one since I started. Now with the kids getting older they can do so many more things themselves and they are still big fans of attending. Each year we have a few of our favorite things to do. Fried Dough for breakfast and clam chowder right after that. The kids love riding the horses and going through the funhouse maze. I enjoy eating plenty of lobster and Allison enjoys that I crack all the lobsters and prepare them for her. The kids love getting the stuffed animal each year and this year it was a manatee. Below are some photos from our best moments today.

We started off with the pony rides. The kids really enjoyed this because they were some of the first kids to do it and they got to ride multiple horses.

Andrew Riding Angel
Andrew Enjoying riding his horse. He loves getting a chance to do this every year.

The kids check out the MSP Corvette
The kids check out the MSP Corvette

Keeping with her Ballet Form
Eva doing the sky trampoline and keeping her ballet moves.

This boy is all about the flips
Andrew was all about the flips. He must have done at least 30 of them while on the sky trampoline.

Allison and Eva with their Fried Dough
Fried Dough for Breakfast is always a favorite.

Andrew and I with Fried Dough
Andrew and I enjoying our Fried Dough! Although Andrew did not eat all of his. Said he didn’t care for it but kept picking at it.

At their favorite Attraction
After our Fried dough (and then chowder) the kids wanted to do the rides so we went and did a bunch of rides.

Humoring her brother
Eva is getting a big big for some rides but she’s not as adventurous as her brother so she still does the kiddie rides but not as enthusiastically. Now she does them to humor her brother. And probably us.

Selfie time
So, I took two selfies. One with my right arm and one with my left. I’ve been having pain in my left arm for quite a while now. I can hardly lift it and it is time I call a doctor. The photo I took with the left arm is awful. I even grunted while taking it because it hurt to try and lift it. It was nowhere near as high as my arm was for this shot.

Four Lobsters
No annual picnic is complete without lobster. I have our lobster prep down to a science except I never remember to go and bring gloves to crack them. I mostly crack them with my hands. This year I took one of the paper plates and set it aside. I put the pieces of lobster in that one so it doesn’t get filled with water. Then by the time I get to the end I had 5 lobsters completely cracked open. There are four int he picture but the people next to us gave us a fifth. I crack everything while Allison and the kids go and get the food that they like. Allison usually has a claw or two of the lobster. This year she ate more of it which was fine because I could not finish all the rest. I had a few pieces I just couldn’t finish.

Andrew enjoying the small rides
We finished off the day with some more rides. Andrew went right to the bit swings that go in a circle. They did the giant slide and Andrew and I did the carousel. He also did all the little kid rides as well. some moments he’s all grown up and others I’m reminded of how young he really is. It was a good day for the family.

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