Competico’s Winter Holiday Photo Contest 2009

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You may have noticed that most of my photos this month so far have been Christmas in theme. I love Christmas and everything leading up to it. I also enjoy photographing the moments around the holiday. I have a ton of Holiday photos from over the years. I wonder if one of my photos is good enough to win a generous cash prize up to $50,000 in Competico’s Winter Holiday Photo Contest 2009.

This Holiday Photo Contest is open until January 12, 2010. However, you only have until tomorrow, Thursday December 17, 2009 9:00pm EST, to get a bonus opportunity. If you join the competition by tomorrow at 9:00pm you can submit TWO photos for the price of one. It is $100 to submit one photo into this competition, so getting two for that price is a nice way to double your chances in the competition.

Once your photo is submitted it becomes part of the voting pool. Right now there are only 6 photos in the pool and from the looks of them I think that maybe the photos I took on the 12th and 13th would be in the running. Well, the one from the 13th is the best so far so maybe just that one for now. I may have to look back to some from last year or from Eva’s first Christmas to find the best ones.

The way voting works is that all Competico users can vote for their favorite photos and then those votes along with the judges votes count towards choosing the winners. The top three winners share in the cash prize with the top winner getting 60% of the winnings, 2nd place getting 25% and 3rd place gets 15%.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out those photos of grandma trimming the tree with the grandkids. Did you capture your little rascal grabbing a department store Santa’s beard? How about the pets and kids all in Santa or elf hats? Maybe a living nativity scene. Don’t have any holiday photos?Go out and shoot some. Just get to it right away so you can submit two for the price of one by tomorrow night at 9:00pm.

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8 thoughts on “Competico’s Winter Holiday Photo Contest 2009”

  1. Am I missing something? I can not find a list of rules anywhere. What format and size do the pictures need to be? Does the subject matter make a difference? Does entering the contest transfer the right to the photo? I see none of this.

    Also is there a way to see the photos already entered? I have decided not to enter because I don’t want to spend $100 entering a contest especially on that has an unknown online voting component. We all see how it works with American Idol, personally my friends have more interesting thing to do than to vote for me over and over again. I do like the professional judges being involved though. How much sway do they have.

    Just curious as I am going to spend my $100 on egg nog

      1. Drew,

        Thanks for the links I looked for the longest time and could not find those. I took a look through the pictures and based on what I see in there you could win.

  2. I would not ever never enter a photo on competico check out there terms and conditions anyone who enters any photo in any of there competitions loses all rights to the image they can do whatever they want with it include making lots money they have been slated by bill of rights organisation asking them to change there rules and they never even replied it is not a proper photo site it is just a lottery the more friends you have the better chance of winning HOWS THAT A PHOTO CONTEST and to me its strange the company is registered in Jersey,yet are based in Isreal all seems to DODGY to me

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