Continuing to Grow

Photo-A-Day #2290

We have a few tomato plants around the house. This plant is covered with them, too. Next year we will have some tomato plants in our raised bed garden area. However, I can’t even begin to think about that until we get moved into the house.

We’re still under the gun with the painting. I went over to the house this morning and did touch up to Eva’s room. Even though we did the best we could to the walls to make them smooth, they just aren’t. So inevitably there are spots that we painted that didn’t get enough paint. Small holes that were still white and/or spots that we missed altogether. The nice part about using Aura paint from Benjamin Moore is that you can spot touch up to your heart’s content and the paint will dry perfectly.

Dad came home today and and Val worked on the office and got that sanded and primed. He also painted the trim on one of the rooms, I think our bedroom. They also painted the closets in the bedroom and Eva’s room. I’m not sure if they got to all the closets or not but we are making progress. I only stayed till about 11am and then went home to sleep which was a good thing because I hit the bed… hard.

I slept after 1 page of my book and woke up about 10 minutes before my 5pm alarm. I woke up and showered and then played picnic with Eva.

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6 thoughts on “Continuing to Grow”

  1. Oh man you sound exhausted!!! If it makes you feel better Gina was quite impressed with the pictures of Eva’s room and has decided her “less than a year old purple room” isn’t sufficient anymore and she wants Pink too!!

  2. So i don’t know where exactly you guys live, but even here in (this year very cold and rainy) germany tomatoe-plants do well. Last year was warmer so we could eat our first tomatoes at the end of july, but even this year i’m hoping to have a first tomatoe-salad in august. Best wishes from germany!

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