Couldn’t Wait any Longer

Photo-A-Day #3059

We continue to work on our Disney Infinity collection. Today Eva and I went to Toys R Us to return the Wii U Starter Pack that we bought on Wednesday. We also had a second Davy Jones that needed to be exchanged. But before we did that we made two stops.

Stop number one was to the Disney Store. I wanted to see if they had Disney Infinity figures there because I had a Disney Store gift card. They did not have the figures in the store but you can order them in the store and they will ship it to your home for free. So, I ordered Mater and Francesco from the Disney Store.

The second stop was Target because they had the Lone Ranger playset on sale for 50% off. They were out of sets and there were no other figures to find so we went on over to Toys R Us.

At Toys R Us we returned the game and then picked out a figure to exchange for Davy Jones. The figure we got was Violet. Eva was so very excited. We were going to wait until October when the three pack with Rapunzel and Vanellope comes out, but Eva has been so into the game then why make her wait for a figure that she would really like to play with. Especially, when I literally got every other figure.

We came home and recorded a bunch of videos about the Incredibles family. We opened each of the figures in the family and photographed them and recorded videos. Here is a family shot.

The Incredibles Family

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