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Modarri sent me digital codes for free so that I could create two custom Modarri cars using their Modarri Configurator. Opinions are my own.

I am a huge Modarri fan. When they first came on the scene in 2014 I was all about their Kickstarter. I funded at the highest level I could and got all of the cars that they made for Kickstarter. I was thrilled. These cars are so much fun and the kids love playing with them. I also love playing with them. they have such a coolness factor to them. You can mix and match 11 different parts on each Modarri vehicle. We often focus just on the Fender, Frame, Chassis and Hood but you can also remove and swap the wheels and suspensions and seats. There are many things that can be customized and swapped on these cars.

Modarri Configurator sceneNow Modarri has created the Modarri Configurator. This website lets you create your own Modarri car to your own specifications. You choose the hood, fender, frame and chassis. You can mix and match from a bunch of options and when you are done you can purchase your creation for $28. We created two cars thanks to some digital discount codes from our friends at Thoughtfull Toys, the makers of Modarri. It was very easy to do and in the video below I show you just how easy it was.

You can learn more about Modarri and their new Modarri Configurator below.IS THERE A CUSTOM TOY CAR THAT WON’T BREAK THE BANK? MODARRI SAYS GO CONFIGURE!
Design Online Then Have Modarri Build Your Customized Configurator – But Beware – You May Have To Arm Wrestle Dad To Get Your Turn To Play!

Santa Cruz, CA (January 21, 2020) – Poking around online for a custom car might stop you in your tracks when you get to The Bentley Configurator. Click a few strokes to create your own $200K Bentley Flying Spur. For that price you get to pick your paint, wheels, hide and veneer. OR … go to Modarri’s gorgeous online site ( and have the same thrill for just $28 then ship it to your home.

From the start, one major factor that has set Modarri toy cars apart is a clever design that gives users the ability to mix & match car parts – chassis, fender, hood and frame — to their own specifications. With the new online car configurator, kids (and adults) have the opportunity to take Modarri’s already innovative modular toy car building system to the next level.

The Modarri Configurator is a DIY online tool that allows you to customize to your heart’s content. You are the designer and the engineer. Simply choose your car parts – starting with the frame and ending with the wheels — then swap them out with the click of a mouse. When satisfied, click “Create Car” and like magic your custom ride will appear showcased in 3D glory as confetti rains down! Give it a name then share it with friends, save it to your virtual garage, or have it built and shipped to your mailbox for a mere $28 price tag plus free shipping.

“It’s like design with training wheels,” is how Brian Gulassa, the brainchild behind Modarri’s configurator, describes it. When not teaching design at California College of the Arts, Gulassa is the Chief Design Officer for ThoughtFull Toys, the company behind Modarri’s award- winning line of modular vehicles. “With most toy cars, you’re not actually touching them while you play. You either watch them run down a Vtrack, use a remote control, pull back or wind up and let go. Maybe you just push them once and watch them go in a straight line… or maybe you buy the car and put it on a shelf for display, never to be touched again. That was a big ah ha! moment for us. How could we make a real, hands-on driving experience?”

More Modarri Cars

The Ultimate Toy Car was a collaboration of three dads — David Silverglate, Trevor Hite and Brian Gulassa — who set out to make the toy car they had dreamed about as kids. Featuring a finger-drive bucket seat, real independent spring suspensions, and patented steering mechanism that makes Modarri cars one of the most maneuverable on the market. Beyond that, Gulassa explains, “We wanted to encourage kids to be the designers, by providing them with an easy, open-ended system that encouraged creative exploration through their own choices.”

All ages can design, upload and share their Modarri creations with fellow car aficionados by visiting Check out the growing Modarri community on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and discover what’s next.

About Modarri
Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Modarri is a team of thoughtful, passionate, and fun people! Their dream matches their mission to enrich children’s lives by encouraging them to explore more through creative, open-ended play. Since their founding in 2014, they have been rewarded with a mantle of honors from Popular Science Best of Toy Fair to ASTRA Best Toys For Kids. Explore more at

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