Creating Jewelry for Cosplay

Jewelry Creation
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This September we are headed ot the Granite State Comicon and the kids are so excited. Granite State Comicon was created by my college friends. It has been going on for 16 years and I haven’t been back since the very first one. So, I am also quite excited to go.

The kids have decided that they want to cosplay. That is, they want to wear special costumes for the event. Eva has two costumes in mind and Andrew has one. We’ve been putting all the pieces together in the past weeks and I am blown away by Eva’s creativity and skill in designing and making jewelry. Here is a close up of her handiwork.

custom jewelry for comicon

What you see here is a bracelet that Eva has connected to a medallion and then down to three rings. I took her to Joann store to pick out pieces for making this and together we found so many great items to work with both the color scheme and theme of her cosplay. She made that from chain, small gears, some beads and a medallion. Up above you can see that she made earrings and a necklace to match everything. I can’t believe she created all of that on her own. She has a jewelry making kit and she just went to town on it. As far as her costumes are concerned she shares her thoughts on them in this video below.

We still have a giveaway happening for Sunday passes to the Granite State Comicon. Enter by Wednesday August 28.

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  1. When I first started this hobby, probably 75 percent of what I was making was related to or referred to as steampunk. I still make that style along with beaded items. Since each piece is created from a vision, it pretty much depends on my thought pattern at that moment. How long does it take you to make your pieces?

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