Creative Storytelling with Kerpoof Tell a Story Dinosaurs

Kerpoof Tell a Story

We received a copy of Kerpoof Tell a Story Dinosaurs to play with and review. It is a Disney app and our opinions about it are 100% our own.

This is a very cute little app. With the app you can creae interactive storybooks. The app is based on the popular web app. It is pretty robust, too. You can select characters, put them in any one of 12 poses either facing right or left. You can change the size of any character in your story and move them around on the page. You can also add sound to your characters by recording your own voice or someone else’s voice. Here is an example of what the app can do.

Players an create up to 30 pages of their interactive book. They can type in text and record sounds to make the story even more interactive. You could choose to place the text at the bottom of the page or set it up like a comic book with speech bubbles above your characters. You can record sound for each text box and character. Since they are dinosaurs you could record sound effects for the dinos or they could even speak, it is up to you.

Kerpoof Tell A Story

Eva really enjoyed playing with this app because she enjoys telling stories. It is better than other story making apps that we have tried because it is very robust. The multiple character poses, the ability to reduce or enlarge characters and objects, the ability to record multiple audio files and more. The app is also visual appealing with cute dinosaurs that are just begging to have their story. Or rather, your story, told.

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