Cruising for Some Ice Cream

Photo-A-Day #2300

Tonight was the night of the annual downtown block party. Today was also a day of a ton of running around. I’m pretty sure that I worked on the house with Dad and I moved a bunch of stuff as well but I can’t remember exactly what we did. This move has taken a lot out of everyone and if I don’t write everything down each night then I miss a lot. Unfortunately I’m not as clear on what we did during the day. I know it involved working on the house, probably running to Lowe’s and more. I do however remember what we did at night.

Tonight, Allison, Eva and I set up for Allison’s Barefoot Books table at the Block Party. Allison picked up one of those expandable tents and we bought a small 4ft table the other day at Lowe’s. she brought a good selection of her stock and set up. Once she was done I took Eva with me for a walk down the street to see what was happening at the block party. We got halfway down and it started to rain.

We hustled back to Allison and luckily she had planned ahead and had trash bags to cover her stock. I had to run home and shut the windows then come back and it was raining even more. Most vendors packed up and left. We packed up everything except for the tent and the table and went across the street to have dinner. We sat inside and wondered if we should set back up when the rain ended. unfortunately the rain scared a huge amount of people off and pretty much everything was taken down. We ended up going home.

By the time we got home the sun was out and it was a really nice night. We hopped into BumbleBee and went to the Ice Cream Machine. Man that ice cream is the best. We had a nice time and got a lot of people checking out the car. It was a fun night and Eva got a very late night. So many people checked out the car too. It was so much fun driving it.

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