Curses, it’s back in the box for us!

Curses, it's back in the box for us!
Photo-A-Day #1335

Over the past 7 years I have amassed a good deal of desk junk. No, not papers and notes and things like that. Nothing “work related” per se. No I have probably one of the most elaborate desk set ups in the entire office. If you can’t tell the theme, let me give you a hint “More Than Meets The Eye”.

I’m moving my desk to another building entirely. The other building has an entirely different feel, not so, how should I say this “laid back”. So on Friday I’m bringing in two plastic “bins” to pack up all of my toys. Then they will spend some time int he attic until such time as I either have my own office at home or at work or just someplace to put them back out. There is so much there, my Harley Pins (Which I may take with me), all my Transformers (into the bin with them), and many other things. Here are some more high res photos so you can really see what is going on on my desk.

The Whole thing The Left Edge The corner
The Corner Right of the Corner The Garage
And then there were the pez And some books

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13 thoughts on “Curses, it’s back in the box for us!”

  1. That is so cool and you have it all so neat and organized! What a bummer that you can’t take it to the new building. Hopefully you’ll still be able to have a few “toys” with you in your new space.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Thanks, I have always enjoyed having my few toys on my desk and occasionally playing with them to pass the time. But they are not that professional and I need to project a more professional vibe in my new role.

  3. Lenny,
    That would kill me, or make me so big I never could leave the house, which would defeat the purpose of being on the desk.

  4. Stephen,

    I’ve asked for an autographed photo from you for some time and it has not arrived, if I had one I would display it on my desk.

  5. That’s not desk junk. That makes it look better. If you want to see desk junk look at my desk. It’s hard to see the desk itself anywhere. Just junk

  6. Hey Drew,

    Those pictures of your desk are too funny.

    You should check my site out (not spamming, just ran into your site when i searched plastic bins, thats my industry) for some more options on neatly storing these toys/model cars. We can help make it look a little more professional.
    We have all different sizes and colors and you can even stack them on top of each other to maximize your desk space.

    I won’t put the link to my site here in this comment section since i’m sure you’ll probably think i am spamming you, but check my website out (you can find it on the trailer of my email address). Let me know if you like what you see!

    thanks drew

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