Cute Fuzzy Animals

Photo-A-Day #2687

Andrew is excited about this big book of baby animals. He simply loves it. Andrew is one excitable little guy. One of his favorite activities is “roaring” back and forth wit Eva. He gets so crazy into it, too. I’ll have to shoot a video of this interaction. Allison got one today and it is hilarious.

Today we redeemed a Groupon for a family portrait sitting at Target Portrait Studio. Yesterday we did a dry run with the clothes that Allison put together for us. I am not going to lie, going for portraits wearing long pants and a tshirt and collared shirt was tough in this heat. I was a bit grumpy going in but Heather at the Portrait studio was excellent. She was sweet to both of the kids. She got Eva and Andrew laughing and even snapped some incredible shots of both of the kids, heck she even made me look good. Our sitting was nice and relaxed and Heather helped us pick a good package plus the DVD with all the shots. It isn’t something we’re going to do every year but it was nice to get a family photo.

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2 thoughts on “Cute Fuzzy Animals”

  1. My niece, samantha, use to bark at people when she was little. It was probably because she would sit with the dog all the time and grab at it and play. She growled and barked for a while before she learned to talk.

    1. Lenny,

      Nice. We are trying to teach Andrew some Sign Language as well. He’s not quite getting it. I’m not sure when Eva got it but it might have been a bit earlier. His Roar is fierce!

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