Daddy/Daughter Date – Box Seats

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Eva and I went to Box Seats for a Daddy/Daughter Date. Allison was off at a wedding shower and picking up her parents. Eva did a great job. She ordered her own beverage and meal. She decided on milk and meatballs, she doesn’t like spaghetti so just the meatballs. She was so good with our server too, so engaged. Eva also sat on her own side of the booth and did very well with that, I was so proud.

It was a really nice day with Eva. We did lunch, our food shopping (I did really well with coupons and saved nearly $30) and also a movie. So far Eva has seen almost all the Disney Princess movies. We’ve read her each of the princess stories. I think we might be overdoing it because each new person that Eva meets she introduces herself as a different princess. It is pretty funny. We have to remind Eva that her name is Eva.

Tonight Allison came home with her parents. We are lucky to have a few days with Marcia and Dan at our house. They got to the house for dinner and then got to play with Eva for a bit. Eva again made out like a little bandit. New clothes, candy and her very own Tinkerbell Baseball bat and ball. She’s so excited about it. I’m looking forward to playing out in the yard with her and her new baseball bat and ball.

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