Dads in Social Media – The Panel that Rocked #EvoConf

Okay, I might be overstating it a bit but I can assure you that no other panel had flying, screaming monkeys…

I set up my KodakPlaySport Camera at the front of the room to record our session. I then broke the session into 15 minute or so slots. The entire session did not record because I ran out of space (I was using too small an SD card) but what I taped ended up coming out really nice. I had a heck of a lot of fun with these guys and am really happy that I said yes to being on the panel. Here are the three videos that make up our session.

Part 1

See what I mean! Flying, Screaming Monkeys. I meant that literally. Now for Part 2.

I think I had something in my eye in that last section. Now for Part 3

So that is it. I apologize for not getting the whole thing on video. Only those who attended our session truly got the full experience of ducking out of the way of monkeys, laughing with us, crying with us (okay so maybe I was the only one who cried) and enjoying our antics and maybe even finding a little inspiration along the way.

Being a part of this panel was one of my favorite experiences at Evo Conference. Meeting Adam Cohen (@dadarocks, Troy Pattee (@TroyPattee, @dadventurous and seeing Greg Zellers (@TellingDad again was awesome. I’d certainly love to work with them all again.

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9 thoughts on “Dads in Social Media – The Panel that Rocked #EvoConf”

    1. Adam,
      I’d be up for it as well. I had so much fun. Have you found the group photo that was taken of us right before the session? I need to look through the photos that everyone took at Evo.

  1. Thanks Drew for posting this! I missed the session and was so bummed but I’m glad I was able to check out even just a portion of the great advice and anecdotes you guys conveyed.

    1. Tina,
      You are very welcome. I’m glad that I at least got part of this on video. I’ve got to figure out who took a photo of us before the panel. I couldn’t find it though. I hope you enjoy the video.

  2. Awesome that you posted these videos. I had missed some of the session, so it was fun to see what I had missed!

    Thanks for adding such a fun element to the Evo Conference. We were so glad you joined us on the dad blogger panel!


    1. Jyl,
      I was happy to do so. I’ll look at getting them up on YouTube as well. I really enjoyed being at the conference and look forward to coming back next year. I’m really excited to see what Evo’11 has to offer.

  3. Kind sir, while perusing your site I noted a page which showed a map of the state you have and haven’t been to. I believe you can now take Utah off the list. Congratulations.

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