Dadvocates Site Launches

My friend Kevin Metzger of My Spelling Sucks has just launched a new blog and a new podcast. I was part of Kevin’s first ever podcast and it was a great time. Kevin is launching DADvocates. DADvocates is a great project where Kevin is searching for a better definition of today’s Dads.

I love this from Kevin.

DADvocates – Today’s dads are a new generation of dads and while I don’t think we have a great definition, I believe we are finding ways to be more involved in family life. We are doing jobs that allow us to be home more and we are finding ways to be more present when participating in family activities. We help drive parenting decisions that were previously made by women and we are not the Peter Griffins that dads are portrayed as on TV.

Form me there are no TV role models for Dads out there right now. I can’t think of one Dad on TV or in movies that make me proud. Dad’s in the media are portrayed as morons or people who avoid time with their family. However, that is not the kid of Dad I am and also it is not the type of Dad that many of my friends are.

Kevin is looking to get 1000 people to take his DADvocates survey. He’s had 108 take it so far so he is a 10th of the way there. Can you please take this quick survey to help him with this project.

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