Day 1 -31DBBB – Write an Elevator Pitch

Today’s task in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge is to write an elevator pitch for your blog.

I’ve always had a tagline for this blog that went “Everyday Photos… Every… Day…” This blog is my blog about my life. But it is very much about my daily photos. I’ve come a long way from naming each photo post with just the photo-a-day and a number. That got pretty boring after a while so now I try and give each one some sort of title. So I think I’ve come a long way with this blog. While I will be doing the challenge with this blog I will also be doing it on my other one Read To Me, Dad. RTMD has the potential to be an incredible blog so I really want to work on that one. You can follow my progress in these posts.

By the way my elevator pitch for is this:

Everyday Photos… Every… Day… is about my life through photography. Each image is a gateway to a story about my daily life. Occasionally funny, inspiring, interesting or creative is real life in photos. With over 1400 consecutive days and five different cameras has documented images from the mundane to the amazing.

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