Day of Play

Day of Play
Photo-A-Day #1569

If you take out me mowing hte lawn that was pretty much what the day was about, play and enjoying being together as a family.
We kicked off the morning with breakfast with our friend Michelle and her two kids Nate and Audrey. It was Michelle’s birthday today and to celebrate we had a nice breakfast together. Three little ones under 5 is an interesting combination. I sat across from Nate and next to Michelle who sat across from Allison who sat next to Eva and Eva across from Audrey. So we had the two under 2 at the end of the table in booster seats playing with a puzzle. Town Restaurant is known for having puzzles on the tables and at various times there are people working on them. They also have some little kid ones for families to play with. Nate had his own puzzle and we put it together, together. Breakfast was very good and the kids were good, Eva got a little loud and cranky so I took her outside a few times and walked her around and talked with her. She finally settled a bit and breakfast continued. When all was said and done we were well fed, enjoyed the company of our friends and got out of the house for a bit.

Got home from breakfast and started mowing the lawn. My brother-in-law and I are splitting the summer mowing duties, he did the 1st half and I have the second. It has been a while since I’ve mowed the lawn. It felt good actually. Nice to be outside. I saw a beautiful dragonfly and wished that I had my camera. I mowed the back yard first so that Allison and Eva could go play in Eva’s Sand/Water Table. I gave her my 4 Tonka replica trucks to play with in the sand. They were a “special gift” from American Express. Actually probably the best one of those promotions I ever participated in. When I finished mowing I grabbed my camera and joined Allison and Eva. We played in the back yard for a while, blowing bubbles (I have to get some better bubble solution, I went cheap and it shows, so frustrating) and playing in the sand table. I caught these additional shots while playing.

What Bubbles
Eva trying to use the bubble want "By myself!" misses the bubbles that Allison is blowing.

Catching a bubble just formed floating away while another explodes.

Then it was time for naps, Eva took one and I went to read The Last Olympian but ended up falling asleep. When I woke up I finished the book, I really liked it, loved the whole series actually.

We decided that we weren’t going to stay inside on such a nice day so we headed to the Town Pool to cool off. Our town has a public pool with a large deep pool upstairs and a small baby pool downstairs. We went to the baby pool and Eva made some new friends. A couple of older boys. She’s a charmer. We spent a couple hours at the pool and then headed home for dinner and bed.

Eva has discovered the Paddington Bear that I got her while I was in London. She calls him “Tad-ing-Bear”. So tonight I read her the 50th anniversary Paddington Book, twice. And Allison read it to her once. When she finds something she likes she’s got to have a ton of it. I’m in trouble when she is into clothes.

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8 thoughts on “Day of Play”

  1. Thanks for doing the lawn. sounds like you had a good day. Have a safe trip today. Say Hi to Marcia and Dan for me.

  2. Mr. Ben spark , i have been your fan ,since I started Blogging [The funny thing is that I started blogging just 4 months ago :)].
    I have a very important question about a thing which makes your blog different from others.
    My question is: From,where you get these High quality Pictures which you include in Post?

    It might sound a bit funny, but i am Asking this very seriously.

    Please do -reply ASAP.

    And,also If you remember i commented about ‘my blog getting rejected at social spark due to English not being my First language’. You will be pleased to know that My blog was approved about a week ago. I implemented your ideas and a bit more than that, on my blog.

    Jugaadu (Now a proud owner of SocialSpark approved Blog )
    .-= Look at what Jugaadu wrote blog ..See the Past of any Website with the ‘Way Back Machine’ Machine’ =-.

  3. Dad,
    we had a safe trip. Dan and Marcia said hello too. Enjoy the beach. We’re missing the cool breeze by the water.

  4. Jugaadu,
    Congratulations on getting blog approval. I hope tha you took my comments as constructive. I am flattered that you are a fan.

    As for the photos, I take them myself. I do not take photos from anyone else. I have been taking photos and posting them for 1569 days straight. Check out my photo-a-day project for more info.

    Congrats again.

  5. Bubbles are so much fun. I brought some back for the littlest grand-daughters from my recent trip to care for my friend Karyn. Can’t wait to play with them with the grand-daughters.
    .-= Look at what Baba wrote blog ..Welcome to FeedBurner =-.

  6. I am a frequent reader of your blog and would just like to say thanks! I have even been inspired to start my own blog so please check it out. Restaurant in Ilfracombe

    1. Tank,
      Thanks for the comment. I changed your name because I only accept real comments that do not use keywords. Glad you started your own blog, I checked it out, looks nice. Thanks.

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