Delicately Floating

Photo-A-Day #1812

Eva and I played with a bunch of bubbles from her new No-Spill Bubble Bucket. Allison bought this for her for Easter (she got it early) and it is a lot of fun. There are Three wands in it too, so three kids (or adults) can play at once. I loved playing with this with Eva. I’m not gonna lie I am something of a Bubble blowing savant. I can pulse out a steady stream of bubbles out, catch one on the end and then blow out another stream of bubbles. If I try I can do this over and over, so much fun.

Today was one of those days when Eva was feisty as ever. She was in huge need of a nap and I put her in her crib. She cried and screamed but needed to nap. Finally I went in and held her and rocked her to sleep. I attempted to put her in the crib and she woke up. So I put her down and rubbed her back till she fell asleep. So, she slept for a while and woke up crying about an hour and a half later. She wanted nothing to do with me because I left her and she woke up alone. Just kills me. She needs more naps and if she’s gonna be upset about them, well that is what has to happen.

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9 thoughts on “Delicately Floating”

  1. Your bubble blowing skills are impressive, Drew! I still love playing with bubbles – that no-spill bucket you got sounds awesome! And the picture you captured is nice!

    Oh man, I remember those moments, of leaving them in their beds – definitely hard! I feel for you!

    1. Loretta,
      Thanks. I do take pride in being a good bubble blower. 🙂

      Leaving Eva to herself was tough, but had to do it. Thanks for the solidarity.

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