Dinner with Uncle Mike

Photo-A-Day #3209

Tonight we had a wonderful dinner with Uncle Mike. He picked up dinner from House of Fortune and the kids were delighted to get to spend time with him. whenever Uncle Mike comes Eva has some crazy big plans for him. This time she wanted everyone dressed up in their best clothes. She wanted him in a tie and me, too. We explained that he was relaxing and wearing a tie all week is not too fun. He just wanted to have a nice dinner with us, and so did I. We at least reigned her in a bit.

Still, she did knock him for a loop when she went and proposed to him. He handled it well and then handled it well again when she rescinded her proposal. Apparently she likes someone else.

She still loves her Uncle Mike and she was so happy to have a fun dinner to spend time with him. Andrew also had a great time with him. They played games and made each other laugh, it was a great night.

Mike hung out with us till later so we could catch up. It was nice for us all to get some good time together.

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