Dinosaurs of Very Little Brain

Photo-A-Day #2389

Been watching the Transformers Generation 1 DVDs with EVA. Today we watched SOS Dinobots. This is the episode where Wheeljack and Ratchet go and make dinosaur sized robots. To make them even more authentic Wheeljack decides to make them with very small brains. Then all hell breaks loose because these giant dinosaurs of “very little brain” do a few menial tasks and then start kicking the Autobots around eight ways from Sunday. That is, until Wheeljack uses some other doohickey of his to basically short them out. Next thing you know the Dinobots are deactivated and walled up in the base.

Why the hell didn’t Wheeljack and Ratchet think to improve upon the original design and make the Dinobots have average intelligence and not sub par intelligence? It makes no sense to me.

In the cartoons and the comics the Dinobots have been pretty quiet. Not a lot has gone on with them in a while. The last cartoon that did anything with them was Transformers Animated and I think they handled the creation of the Dinobots pretty well. In that show they were actually created by Megatron in order to destroy the Autobots. Well, they were robotic dinosaurs that were damaged and Megatron fixed them and made them and give them transforming abilities but Sari’s Key made them real Transformers. They were not intelligent in this series either.

I have heard that there is a new video game coming out called the Fall of Cybertron. This game will feature the Dinobots in some way or another. This is a sequel to last year’s War for Cybertron game. I enjoyed playing that game very much and will probably enjoy this game as well. Grimlock the Leader of the Dinobots is featured in this trailer and his transformation looks amazing.

I wonder if that big body small brain thing is true and the dinosaurs were stupid… They probably weren’t.

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